jueves, 15 de octubre de 2009

martes, 6 de octubre de 2009

English activity

I wanna finish my study and late look for a too good job, where I can got too much money. I want too join in a gym and practice karate. I want to change my girlfriend. I like dance and I have skills to be a good accountant.

In this country the most know hero was Simón Bolivar, he liberated five countries.

At the moment I think a hero can be my father, he is the most important person to me.

A hero in the movies is batman, he is very strong and brave.

my favorite hero in the cartoon is "El Chapulin Colorado".

About me

Hello people!!!!!
My name 's Alirio Alberto García , but you can call me Alirito, that is not a problem, I 'm 18 year´s old; Iwas born in Mara and still life there, i 'm single, and i am looking for a girlfriend.
I'm Urbe's student, I'm studying Accounting .
I like the partys, go out with friends and dance a lot. I like Hamburguesas and the ice cream a lot. I have a big and beautiful family, we are together in a good and bad moments, I really love it.
That is all about me, if you want to know more call me; I will be waiting for you.